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IT Theron Web Development terms & conditions.

- IT Theron does not work on a retainer or deposit system.
- Hours are to be booked and paid ahead.
- Should a deposit arrangement be made between IT Theron and the client, the client accepts the condition that the deposit is nonrefundable.
- Should a project of any nature be delayed due to lack of hardware, content of information, IT Theron does not take responsibility for the delay in completion and will rightfully requote the hours that has been forfeited.
- Upon booking of services an estimated time is given for completion of each project. IT Theron will not be held responsible for any loss should there be a minor delay due to “room for error”.
- IT Theron does not use 3rd party applications or web builders, our websites are built using proper coding languages.
- IT Theron does not take responsibility for the performance of a client’s website.
- Should a client wish to book SEO services, the clients also accept and understands the that it can take up to 3 calendar months for SEO to start showing results.
- IT Theron commits to providing honest and reliable marketing and web development services, but will not be held responsible for the sales of clients services.
- IT Theron solely takes responsibility in the advertising of the client’s business and creating social media awareness of the services provided by the client.

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IT Theron Web Development & Marketing Services.

IT Theron Web Development & Marketing Solutions

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